Anti-Gout Diet

I eat food, thrice a day. I eat food not only to fill my tummy, I eat for the taste of it. If it is chicken, I can’t control myself.

Unfortunately, we can’t always eat what we love. We have to change our diet to suit our bodily disorders.

Diet plan

Planning a diet.

And today I am here to talk about Anti-Gout Diet. In this post, you’ll learn about the foods that cause gout and also food to get rid of gout.
So, what is a good diet for gout?

question marks

Question mark

For that, we should know how to reduce uric acid in the body, especially in blood.
So you have gout? There you also have foods to avoid. It is important to consider this while framing your Anti-gout diet.
These are generally high purine foods. If you are taking a high amount of purines, you are indirectly taking high amount uric acid.
To lower the uric acid in the blood, you should take low purine foods. There is a particular Anti-gout diet you must follow. These are the foods good for gout sufferers.

Here is a list of foods to eat with gout:

1. Apple Cider vinegar for Gout.
2. Tart Cherry juice for gout.
3. Coffee and gout.
4. Eggs and gout
5. Peanuts, peanut butter.
6. Cheese
7. Honey
8. Oatmeal
9. Spinach
10. Chocolate
11. Turmeric
12. Chicken
13. Rice
14. Tomatoes
15. Salmon
16. Baking soda
17. Nuts
18. Potatoes
19. Green tea
20. Black beans
21. Bananas
22. Cabbage
23. Mushroom

1 Using Apple Cider Vinegar for Gout?

Apple cider vinegar in a bottle.

Apple cider vinegar

You probably heard of this before in the context of gout. Many times you may have heard that it cures gout.
Using Apple Cider vinegar for gout has been popular for ages. I used it myself, never got the desired results.
But, I am going to share with you how it ‘works’, even though it didn’t work for me.
Apple cider vinegar is made by crushing apples and squeezing out the liquid.                                                    It is also one of those low purine foods which also help lower uric acid.
Reportedly, Apple cider vinegar reduces the pain for many gout sufferers. Many claim that it cured them.
I am telling again, it didn’t work for me. You may take 2-3 tablespoons, 2 times a day for the complete effect of it.
If you want it to taste better, mix it in a glass of water. You should look or organic, pasteurized ACV for better results.
You may also use it topically, to treat gout, soak your foot for about 20-30 minutes in a bucket filled with 4 cups of hot water and a cup of ACV.
ACV can be a highly effective remedy for some, but not for everyone. It is especially not useful for people allergic to apples.

Apple cider vinegar is good for gout. It may be added to your Anti-gout diet.


• ACV has acetic acid, which becomes alkaline once inside the body and creates an inappropriate environment for uric acid build up.


• It was never scientifically proved that ACV cured gout.
• Only for few, it cured gout in days, for others it took ages…
NOTE: Use it with your own due diligence and after consulting a doctor.

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2 Tart cherry juice:



Cherries are yummy!! I like them, sorry we all just love them.
They are not only tasty but also are nutritious. They are high in vitamin C and A. They are rich in fiber, anti-oxidants and anti-inflammatory agents.
These nutritional qualities of cherries aid in reducing the gout pain.
There are several reports that show cherries work in reducing gout:
1. Medical literature in 1950 (Texas reports on Biology and Medicine)
2. A study published in 2003.
3. A journal of nutrition study from 2006
So, tart cherry juice for gout is one of the many natural remedies.

Cherries can be taken in many forms:

• Cherry pill
• Tart cherry extract
• Tart cherry juice

Cherry Juice

Cherry Juice

They are useful in whatever natural form they are taken.
How much to eat?
I referred several sources on this topic and I recommend eating 15 to 25 cherries a day. This can be any form you like.
Tart cherries are found to have higher amounts of phenolics and anthocyanins in them than sweet cherries. These things help cure gout.
Also, tart cherries have a lower amount of sugar in them, compared to sweet cherries, making them healthier.


• Reduces uric acid levels to some extent.
• Lowers risk of gout attacks.
• Manages Osteoarthritis.

Add cherries in your Anti-gout diet.


We drink coffee for several reasons like:
• It’s taste.
• It makes me wake up every morning.
• It powers me up.

I love coffee

Coffee love

• it is healthy for gout.
I’ll let you know how in a minute.
Coffee has a stimulating effect on one’s body due to its caffeine content.
A cup or two of coffee a day is good for gout sufferers.
It is just good to incorporate into a diet, but it doesn’t cure gout.
It was just proven statistically that it reduces the risk of gout.


Do not drink cups and cups of coffee, just to find out you have side effects like Insomnia, muscle tremors, nervousness etc.
Consult your doctor before adding more caffeine into your Anti-gout diet.


Roasted egg recipe

Egg recipe

Yes, that is egg and I agree it is mouth-watering.
I like eggs a lot! Why?
• They are easy to cook.
• They are healthy.
• And they are yummy!!!

Let me tell you a secret:

They can be actually incorporated in a gout diet.
Here’s why?
They actually can replace meat in a diet because of their high protein content, keeping uric acid levels low.
Eat them, but moderately
Anything taken in excess may lead to some kind of damage. So try to limit eggs intake and take only 1-6 eggs per week.
Here’s how you eat eggs:
The best way to eat them is hard-boiled. This way you can have all of its benefits. You may also eat it as soft-boiled.
Also, remember the best way to buy your eggs is from a nearby farm(organic, simply).


heaps of nuts


Nuts, as we all know, are healthy, tasty and they fill our tummy pretty well.
They give us a boost because of their protein content. Eating 10 to 15 nuts a day i.e., as a snack will be healthy.
Be sure to include these nuts in your anti-gout diet;
Almonds, Cashews, Walnuts, Brazil nuts, Pecans, Chestnuts, Pistachios, Hazelnuts, and Peanuts.
Peanuts are not ‘true’ nuts like others in this list, they grow underground, so why not we discuss it deeply?


Raw peanuts

Raw Peanuts

Are peanuts bad for gout?
Yes and No.
Let me explain why
Dial-A-Dietician Nutrition Info Society of British Columbia says peanuts are a good source of proteins for people with gout. They are good because they have low to medium amounts of purines.

So, we can eat these nuts and still keep our uric acid levels in control.
Peanuts also benefit gout sufferers as they contain fatty acids that have anti-inflammatory properties.

Peanut butter:

Peanut butter

Peanut butter

Peanut butter does the same benefits to health as peanuts, as long as the peanut butter is organic(home-made). So, peanut butter and gout do go well.
Ok, then, are peanuts bad for gout?
Yes, they are if you eat in excess.
No, they are not if you eat them moderately, mind this and add them to your Anti-gout diet.

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Jersey Cow


It is proven several times that dairy lowers the risk of gout. It is also a great food for gout sufferers; it helps to manage uric acid levels.
Here is some evidence:
1. 2011 study on Dairy

Obviously, add dairy products in your Anti-gout diet.


Milk and gout go well. Milk decreases uric acid levels of the body quite fast. To prevent gout, milk should be included in your Anti-gout diet.

Milk in several bottles.


Milk also helps gout sufferers. So I’d recommend drinking one glass of milk daily.


Pieces of Swiss cheese

Swiss Cheese

People who ate all kinds of cheese have experienced lower uric acid levels. Cheese is good for gout.


Yogurt in a bowl with a spoon.

Yogurt in a bowl.

Yogurts with live cultures in them are very good for gout sufferers.
Dairy products like Milk, Yogurt and cheese should be a part of gout diet.


Honey has amazing healing power. It has so many medicinal properties, that’s why it is used in hundreds of Ayurveda remedies.

Honey has amazing healing power. It has so many medicinal properties, that’s why it is used in hundreds of Ayurveda remedies.Honey has been in use for thousands of years in medicines.

Honey has been in use for thousands of years in medicines.Also, it was a gift from God, according to Bible.
Health benefits of honey can only be found in natural, organic, raw honey, If you want to be sure that it is raw, buy it from a local farmer.

Honey being poured in a bowl.

Honey in a bowl.


I shall vouch for honey if I want to sweeten my oatmeal breakfast or afternoon tea.Honey doesn’t contain high amounts of purines and it is also low in sugar content.
So, it is safe for a gout sufferer to include honey in their diet, though moderately.
Also, you can take different concoctions like
• Cinnamon and Honey
• ACV and honey
Take these concoctions regularly in your Anti-gout diet if you want to witness results.

Something doesn’t look right? tell me right away!


What is the best cereal for gout sufferer like you and me?
As long as we are taking whole grain oats, we should be healthy.
They are not high in proteins and purines.

Oatmeal with strawberries.


Oatmeal as your breakfast along with honey to top it off is quite energizing. Honey also helps you as a gout sufferer, as we discussed before.
Oatmeal has a good amount of fiber in it, so it also makes your digestion bit better. After accounting for all of these things, oatmeal is quite healthy and that too for gout sufferers.

You should include oatmeal in your Anti-gout diet.


Spinach! Yes, it gives Popeye his incredible strength.
It is healthy not only for Popeye but also for us humans. It is highly nutritious and its regular intake puts many disorders at bay.
But, is spinach bad for gout?

Spinach leaves.


Not necessarily. Let me explain:
We already know that veggies super-safe to consume than animal foods for us gout sufferers.
Baby spinach has three times the amount of purines than the big leaved spinach. So it is a no-no if you want to include in your gout diet.
Mature spinach leaves are actually no-risk for you, as they are not high in purines. They do have purines but a majority of them don’t produce uric acid.
So, it is safe if you consume Spinach 1-2 times per week.


I loved chocolates when I was young, I still love them. Coz, they are so yummy.
But, is chocolate good for gout?
It is a super food for gout sufferers, it not only prevents gout, it also reduces inflammation during an active gout flare.
But there’s a catch!

Chocolate in a woman's mouth.


Not all chocolates are healthy. So how do you know what to eat? For that reason, I am here.
Here’s the deal:
Cheap candies may worsen your health. It is a big ‘no’ if you are suffering from gout.
What you have to eat are the high quality chocolates made from pure, raw cacao beans.
Cacao beans are rich sources of flavonoids and anti-oxidants. It helps reduce uric acid levels in your body.
So you’d want to add High-Antioxidant dark chocolate in your Anti-gout diet plan. Where do you find it?
Here you go MXI Xobiotic chocolate.


Turmeric is a great addition to gout diet, because of its anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties.
Its benefits for gout sufferers are:
• It reduces uric acid levels in the body.
• It is a natural painkiller; also helps reduce inflammation in the joint.
• It improves overall metabolic health.
• It helps in weight loss.

Turmeric powder in a teaspoon.


It is safe to take in ½ Tea spoon Turmeric in diet daily, if you are a gout sufferer.
But, as always keep your intake of turmeric moderate, don’t take it in excess.


I eat chicken to supplement my body with proteins it has. Especially I eat chicken to build up my muscles, as I exercise daily.
It is not only a healthy food, but also tasty. Imagine those chicken lollipops. Hmm yummy.
But, is it good for gout? Let’s see.

Pieces of grilled chicken in a bowl.

Grilled Chicken

Chicken is moderately high in purines. That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t eat chicken.
It does mean to eat in moderate amounts. Eat chicken once a week. But be sure to check out what your doctor says about chicken in the gout diet.
You would want to buy ‘pasture-raised’ labeled chickens, these are grown organically.
Regarding cooking, buy them with the skin intact, cook them well, remove skin and eat it.


Whole grains reduce the risk of gout and some other disorders like heart disease, heart stroke etc.
We are not talking about refined grains here, refined grains are bad for your health.

Whole grain rice in a bowl.


I am talking about eating whole grain rice.
So, I advise you consume whole grains, never go for gluten-free products.


We consume tomatoes in many forms like ketchup, sauce, soups; some eat them directly in salads etc.
But, are they good for gout sufferers?

Tomato on two forks.


There’s a misconception that they trigger gout attacks. But it is just a misconception, I repeat.
Tomatoes have 90 % of water in them. They are also low purine food. They are very low in calories.
Some doctors insist tomatoes are bad for gout patients. So, I suggest you take them in a balanced Anti-gout diet. Don’t eat them in excess.


We all know seafood causes gout flare ups. But not all seafood should be avoided.
Following fishes are to be avoided:
• Anchovies
• Codfish
• Haddock
• Herring
• Mussels
• Mackerel
• Sardines
• Roe
• Trout and scallops

Salmon dish

Salmon cooked.

Salmon is better seafood for gout sufferers. It has a moderate amount of purines; unlike others mentioned which have high amount of purines.
So, eat Salmon fishes in moderation, you are good with that.

Baking soda:

Baking soda may be termed as a gout remedy but it has some side effects.
So, please make sure you consult your doctor before experimenting on yourself.
All you have to know is it basically increases the excretion of uric acid from your body, thus lowering uric acid levels and leading to less often or no gout attacks at all.

Baking soda in a bowl.

Baking soda

How to use it then?
First, you purchase it, it is quite cheap. Then you add ¼ of tsp. of baking soda and mix it with a glass of water (around 250 ml), make sure it is entirely dissolved in water.
Take this mixture 4 times a day, one of these times should be right before you go to bed.
But, when you are taking this mixture, be sure to lower your salt intake and overall reduce your sodium intake.
Consult your doctor before experimenting.


Potatoes are very well packed with vitamins and proteins that one can live on them alone along with some leafy vegetables.

muddy potatoes in a man's hand.


Potatoes are also rich with quality proteins and minerals; they are also very low in calories.
Potatoes, in fact, are very low in uric acid levels. That can be just the reason to include them in your Anti-gout diet.

Green tea:

Green tea is a cure-all super food, according to many. Chinese people have been consuming green tea since ages.
It has high amounts of anti-oxidants, which help in reduction of joint inflammation and swelling.

Green tea bags

green tea

I suggest you drink 2 cups a day for several weeks and witness changes.
It also triggers more frequent urination, thus excreting more uric acid.
So, during organic green tea should be included in your Anti-gout diet.

Black beans:

Lot of black beans.

Black Beans

Black beans have good combination of protein-fibre content. This kind of nutrients are very helpful, because it provides enough proteins, but the digestion is slower, making us feel fuller for a longer time.
In fact, it is very recommended that you replace your animal protein sources with black beans.
How should you eat it?
Black bean broth is the ideal recipe.
You can also eat other beans like:
• Pinto beans
• Lentils
• Chickpeas
• Soybeans
• Red kidney beans
• Green beans


Bananas! They aren’t only tasty, but also nutritious.
Bananas help us maintain normal blood pressure, heart function, and lower uric acid levels.
There are many reasons why you should add them in your diet.

Minion character holding a banana.

Banana minion

Bananas help in increased excretion of uric acid through urine. They also avoid uric acid crystallization in the joints.
Also, they have good amount of Vitamin C and Folic Acid, which help in lowering uric acid levels in your body.
So, be sure to add fully ripened bananas in your Anti-gout diet.


I do not like Cabbage much, taste wise but who cares?
It is healthy.
For us, gout sufferers especially Red Cabbage is healthy.

Red cabbage cut into pieces.

Red cabbage

Red cabbage helps lower uric acid levels in the body. It helps reduce inflammation, due to its anti-inflammatory properties.
Red cabbage can also be used as topical treatment; leaves are wrapped around gout affected joints. This helps ease out the pain.


Add them to your Ant-gout diet plan.


Mushrooms are juicy, meaty and tasty. You know this? Ok,
Then let me tell you a secret:

Mushrooms in a man's hand.


They can actually replace your meat intake, because of their taste and texture, although they are considerably low in proteins compared to meats like Chicken and beef.
Mushrooms have antioxidants like Ergothioneine, which helps reduce gout pain and inflammation along with beta-glucans of it.
I suggest you consume Reishi mushrooms in the form of capsules or tea.
You can also consume Cordyceps mushrooms.

This seems big enough of a list for me. Try these foods, of course after consulting a doctor and drop a comment below.

Foods to avoid:

There are some foods to avoid if you have gout. Generally, these are high purine foods, these have high amounts of purines, which increase uric acid levels.
Here is the list of foods you should essentially avoid:


Half glass of Wine.

Glass of Wine

Alcohol consumption is injurious to health. But we still drink alcohol.
We should limit consumption of Alcohol, how much ever healthy we may be, because of its deterring effects on our health.
Alcohol affects many of our normal bodily functions and it reduces the efficiency of metabolism in our body.
People who had more alcohol were highly prone to be affected by gout. People who already are affected by gout had increased chances of gout flare up, because of alcohol consumption.
Drinking beer was mostly associated with gout flare ups followed by spirits. Spirits increase gout attack risk more than wine.

So, beer is a gout sufferer’s worst nightmare. A gout attack is sure to follow after you drink bottles and bottle of beer, just a couple of days it would take, no later.

Drunken pink panther with empty bottles.

Drunken Pink Panther

Drinking wine may not be as bad as drinking a beer, but it still has alcohol, which triggers gout mainly, it is worse for a gout sufferer than purines in it.
So, it is also better if you drink wine in limits.

Sugar and Sugary beverages:

Yeah! You read it right, Sugar! Don’t freak out now.
Sugar ain’t bad, excess sugar is. Got it?
Ok, let’s do it.

heaps of sugar candies in the market.

Sugar candies

So, you know that excess sugar is bad for you. You may take a large amount of moderately sugary food or a small amount of excessively sugary food; it is bad for your health.
Let’s simplify it.
North Americans consume high quantities of sugar every year, especially in the form of fructose (or high fructose corn syrup).
In fact, each North American consumes a whopping 180 pounds sugar a year.

Person exclaiming at laptop.

I mean, that’s a lot. Now we know why so many people are obese and diabetic.
How sugar affects gout?
Let’s see. Fructose effects uric acid levels and makes them go way up. Fructose is found in sweetened soft drinks.
The quantity of it is so high that you should drink those not more than once per week. Sometimes it is also risky, because of consumers’ intake of sugar from other foods.

A soft drink being poured in a glass.

Soft Drink

Fructose is also found in some fruits and some veggies. But they don’t seem as dangerous as soft drinks because these veggies also have anti-gout properties. So it somehow balances the diet.
When fructose in your body is high enough, uric acid levels rise up. When the uric acid levels are high, crystals form in the joints.
Limit your fructose from all the sources to 25 gm. a day, not more than that.

Monitor your sugar intake gout sufferer!


Go to ‘The’ site and you’ll see how people now a day are consuming meat.
‘People are insane’, you might think after looking at those stats. Just look at World meat consumption statistics globally this year.

Shocked spider monkey


Why are you awestricken?
That we eat too much meat? Yes we do. And like everything, over eating meat also damages your health, especially, if you are a gout sufferer.

Steak on a grill


Red meat, organ meats, and sea food are so renowned for causing gout attacks because of high amounts of purines.
Organ meats like Liver, kidney, and sweetbreads have high purine levels and they contribute to higher uric acid levels in the blood.
Let’s see which other meat to avoid.
Meats like Beef, Pork should be very limited in your diet. Turkey, Lamb, Veal, Venison should be most probably avoided.
White meat is considered somewhat safer than red meat.
Coming to seafood,

Mussels cooked.


You should almost always avoid Shellfish, Anchovies, Sardines, Herring, Mussels, Codfish, Scallops, trout and Haddock.
Seafood like crab, lobster, oysters and shrimp are somewhat safer. Salmon is a lot safer than other fishes.
Like always above mentioned somewhat ‘safer’ food also should be taken in moderation.

Processed foods and refined carbs:

You always look up nutritional values when you shop for food like vegetables, fruits or meat etc. Do you look for what are the ingredients and nutritional values when you buy processed food.
You think I’m weird? No I am not.

Foods being processed at a factory.

Foods processed.

Processed food contains additives that are not at all good for your body. Once they are inside, you are sentenced to slow, but painful death. Sorry to say that but,
Look here:
1. Processed food is usually high in sugar and High fructose corn syrup.
2. These foods contains all sorts of Artificial ingredients(better-called Chemicals).
3. Processed food is often high in refined carbs.
4. This processed food is low in nutrients.
5. It is also high in transfats.
So, processed food is bad for your health, are they also bad for gout sufferers?
They are.
Processed foods contain fat, sugar and salt. These are not natural, they are made by man to reduce costs etc.

A single potato chip

Potato Chip

Coming to fat, if you consume more & more of it, well you become fat. If you are fat, it is bad for uric acid levels, they will increase.
Also, this processed food contains sugars, especially fructose in the form of High Fructose Corn Syrup. It is an evil when it comes to gout sufferers.
It is best you stay away from food with HFCS. They increase uric acid levels.
I recommend you watch out for how many processed foods you are eating, because you may easily get addicted to it.
There you go, you now also know what foods not to eat. Consult your doctor and plan your Anti-gout diet according to the above list. All the best.

Guys, please feel free to comment below your opinion on the article. Cheers!

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